Thursday, August 02, 2012

Introducing Lulu! :-)

Three sure shot ways of turning my day around.

Step one: Walk out of office.

Step two: Scream Lulu.

Step three: See him happily passed out or running towards you! Either way, he's a mood changer.

Introducing, Lulu! As his previous mistress fondly calls him, The dog that lived. He had a brief period where he fell really sick and then went missing. His absence upset me as I missed the little sanctity that he always brought in plenty. But one fine day, he returned. And what a magnificent recovery it was! He came bounding into my arms and made the most adorable noises as he sat next to me.

Even though, he has found himself a nice home, he still comes running to me every morning before work and every evening after. Only ever so occasionally do I have the fortune of capturing this active, hyper and loving dog. (Picture is cute no?)

There are far better stories about his misbehaviour and the ease with which he settled himself in my heart. But for today, I just wanted to remember and bask in the love and warmth he brings into my life. Cheers to the brattiest dog I have met! :-)