Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once, on that street: A play by Dramanon - Review

Despite having lived in Bangalore for 5 months, I was yet to see the much talked about Rangashankara. Finally, I booked tickets for my mom and me to see the play 'Once, on that street' by Dramanon at Rangashankara. The play came recommended by my dear friend and also by my sister. The blurb described the play as a story of failed love stories, three friends (two males (Shekhar and Karan) and one female (Maya)) and a decision. The suspense was built and I was extremely excited. (Be warned: Spoilers ahead!)
The play starts with Karan and Maya having a casual conversation about love, life and friendship on the balcony of the apartment they share. The jokes were 'new age' as my mother called it but even she agreed that she found them funny. The story line was based on an event one drunken night that led to a serious decision for the characters. The non-judgemental tone taken by the play was refreshing and allowed the audience to take away their own sense of the theme. However, the reasons behind the female character's decision were not portrayed well. I do believe that part of the reason for this was to allow the audience to think for itself. Maybe her decision was convincing enough for me but my mother on the other hand failed to see the reason and sense behind it.
What I liked most about the play was that the actors were very comfortable in their skins. It was a casual exchange of dialogue which gave the play a very natural ring. There was just the right amount of drama, laughter and reality to make an hour and twenty five minutes fly by. 
However, the seriousness of her decision (which affected not just her life but the men too) was not given enough screen time to develop and felt lacked maturity. Karan's character continued to bring a sense of seriousness to the play. For me, his was a role that could have turned out really badly and didn't. His good acting skills and sound presence on the stage gave the play a grounded touch.
Barring a few awkward scenes of kissing that I felt (and my mother agreed!) could have been avoided, the play is worth watching and comes highly recommended by me!

My rating: 3.5/ 5
Mom's rating: 2.5/5

Comment: If it is coming to a city near you, go watch and let me know what you think :D


Towards Harmony said...

Its definitely not coming to a city near me!! Damn Ahmedabad!! I wish I could have seen the play with you. Got a good review from mom too! But she wasn't quite sure it represented the youth of India.

Just curious, why was the kissing to be avoided??

Can't wait to come to Bangalore someday!

Srinidhi said...

Amma and me agreed about this for separate reasons. I felt the actors weren't entirely comfortable with the kiss. Amma just felt it could be avoided! :p

I don't think it was meant to represent the youth of India. For me, it was also a depiction of how we as a society very easily isolate people. We force them into the margins and then expect our country to develop. :)

Arpita said...

Goody you went out and caught a play :) I always felt bad that we didn't do one of those together! Keep an eye on the schedule of RS and go for the good ones.. especially catch any performance of Nag herself..shes brilliant and yes, year end they have a festival of sorts where they get a lot of plays..gets majorly pre-booked so watch out for those.. you might even get to watch Naseruddin Shah, someone i've been hoping to catch since eons!

Jack said...


Seems a very honest review. I feel at times it is good to let the audience draw what they wish to for certain issues including what could be ending, like in My Fair Lady.

Take care

R-A-J said...

Damn, I was into theater n quit bout a year back.. n now they started kissing.. damn, damn double damn!!! :)

actually Rangashankara in 5 months is quite a good record... I know of ppl who hvnt been there in 8 years.. do try the food at the cafe when u there the next time... its truly yummy n unique :)

I haven't been goin there of late.. but to truly appreciate Rangashankara, try goin to the stuffy, claustrophobic n unnecessarily expensive Jagruti in whitefield.. :)

Great review Sri.. might catch it one of these days :)