Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tales from a dog and a doggy lover!

I am a huge doggy person. I talk to strays, I name them and if I can I feed them. Some strays have had the misfortune of being dragged to the vet by me. Seven years ago, when we got my adorable Layla home, my parents weren't as psyched us to start with. But once the little angel came home, she settled herself comfortably in all our hearts and in our home. Now our individual and collective life without her is plain incomplete. (Ya. I am cliche.)
Part of having a dog and being a doggy person, always meant one of us ended up talking for the dog. This strangers and friends (who don't get dog) have never really understood.
For instance, in Layla tongue, "really" was always "weally" and "Mittu" and "Muuutttuu".
Thanks to a colleague at work I was led to this rather hilarious site: where a man has conversations with his dog. It reminded me of the multiple conversations we have with Layla and I decided to list some out.

Human: DOG! It is time for a bath.
Dog: Screw you.
Human: Lay, come on. Its been ages since you had a bath.
Dog: Leave me alone, Munnu.
*Human attempts to carry dog*
*Dog shows human her underside*
Dog: Nani nani po po! I win, you lose.

Human: Come on Lay! This road is perfectly fine.
Dog: Rubbish. There are ghosts on this street.
Human: I can't see them.
Dog: If only you were that cool.

Dog: MUTTU! Munnu has decided to make me her pillow.
Human1: Get off her Ross!
Human2: I can't believe she told on me man.

*Dog staring out the window*
Human: What you looking at Lay?
Dog: I am contemplating the importance of my life on this planet.
Human: Oh! Profound.
*Human eating Mango* *Dog perks ears up*
Dog: oooo!! Can I have some?

*Mom puts pedigree in bowl*
Dog: YAY! Mamu time! Yum yum.
*Inhales her food* *Ten minutes later*
Dog: Muttu.. I haven't eaten. Please give me your bread corners.
Human: Hmmm. *throws bread corners*
Dog: Haha! Tricked ya.

Dog: Ooooo! Lizard. 
*Tries to put paw on it and fails*
Human: Dog! Don't fool around.
Dog: I am saving you from the lizards.
Human: Rubbish! You need saving from them.

Do share your doggy stories and your conversations. And yes, I am completely cwazy!