Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading challenge 2012!!

Now in 2011 I figured that reading new authors is exciting and helps me understand new writing better.
I am now taking the South Asian Challenge 2012 of reading books. I am taking the challenge posed by S Krishna Books.

I will be reading a minimum of 10 books by South Asian writers and hopefully will write a review for all of them. 

I hope many of you will join in as well.

AND yes, there are very pretty badges too. :-)

If you are interested, head over to the link and sign up!! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I am smart when the year ends.

The year was full of eye-opening, heart warming, heart wrenching, soul transforming moments. Just like most years but this year in particular (unlike the years that have passed) is ending on a good note.
I am adamant. I will do what I want. It is purely an Arian trait and one that I am actually not ashamed of.
I can devour books. Reading is my favourite pastime and more often than not, I like doing it in privacy.
I love engaging in conversations about the problems that plague the world. More than that, I love hearing a contradicting point of view coherently put forth. I am willing to listen and open to change of heart.

When I am passionate about something, I am motivated to accomplish the task.

"No, I didn't invite those stares. Covered I was, I fought. Years later, I realised, in your filthy eyes, naked I will always be. #Story140"
A valuable lesson might I add.

A job for me is not something that only gives me money. It must make me happy as well.
Family, home, friends change just as much as they stay the same.

I want to be an independent woman more than most other things.

Fiction is a way for me to live in a world I imagine. Even if it is just for a few hours.

Relationships, friendships, any bond, needs time, attention, love, care and endless hard work. Nothing great comes easy.

I like living in a house with animals. Need to get one.

I might be selfish. But then again, why shouldn’t I be?

‘Broken hearts will mend’. That was our beginning coming to an end.

I take guilt trips for free. Must change.

Only I can set myself free from the society and its stereotypical expectations.

I can remember every hard word spoken, written, texted to me, in verbatim. Probably the date as well. Must learn to let go.

Compliments are rare. Must learn to accept them and believe them as well.

I am my best judge and my worst critic.

My dreams, my passions, my career are important to me. I am not shamed by that.

Living in a strange city was made a lot easier by my amazing sister and Phil.

I have forgotten how to make friends.

Gilmore girls is the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Dear 2012,
You look promising. New job, new city, new dreams. All waiting for me. Take me to a happy place and I will learn to fly. Maybe even soar. In the mean time, thank you Mr Past for making me who I am. Bugger off now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


You didn't give me much,
yet guilt I am ridden with,
I have to let it go,
my past is all to live with.

I can move on,
I am a bird with wings,
I know here I don't belong,
with that thought freedom it brings.

I stare at the walls,
I know I shouldn't care,
Soon far away I shall go,
from those cold glares.

Yet, acceptance I crave,
but deep within I let it stay,
for staying here will lead me no where,
I hope in the end I will find my way.

The past is comfortable,
the future daunting,
for I can't see what's in store,
without assuming and taunting.

Crippled by my own angst,
anxiety overwhelms.
I look past this day,
this year, this decade,
someday the world will understand,
that decision I once quickly made.

P.s- Song apt for this moment
Shania Twain --- UP