Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Double mind

Frustrated, agitated,
Torn inside,
To listen to the voice,
Of my conscience or pass it by.
I have learned to let it go,
For it is not my battle,
To fight.
But I couldn’t watch
Her writhe in pain,
For she didn’t deserve it all over again.

He walked away,
Nice and slow,
Strong and sturdy,
She watched him go.
From far away,
She stretched out her hand,
To reach out to him,
For one last kiss,
For one last touch of his hand.
But he had long since left
Her world, yet within,
Her, he dwelt, lived
Within her, havoc he played.
She couldn’t break free
Of his fatal clutch,
For his touch, was all that was real.
Restless nights passed,
She forced it out
Of her mind,
Till one night she woke up
Jilted and full of fright.
Was he really gone?
Was he real?
Who was he?
An illusion her mind had made... she decided.
For in reality, it was no fairy tale.
It was just a game.