Sunday, November 15, 2009

Laws? :p maybe...

SO it was a regular day at work. Janette and me were busy trying to figure out a campaign for our new clients. Failing to do so we reported to boss. He liked our tiny ideas but wanted us to attempt to weave it together in order to have more impact. During the course of discussion we came across famous Murphy 's laws. For those who haven't heard of him or his laws, he is the 'dude' who said "If anything can go wrong... it will."
Now this got me thinking. Often we bump into these laws in our everyday lives. So, I put together a bunch of laws that I could think of.
Here goes:

- When you fall on your face in a public place, the most number of people possible will be present to witness it.
- When you have very little time to spend with a friend you will get a flat tire.
- When you are already running late, you WILL get stuck in a horrible traffic jam.
- When you have the biggest craving for delicious food, you will be most broke.
- When you feel like feasting on a mouth watering chocolate donut, you will not have the bike to go buy the best one in town, you will settle for one near by and you will hate it.
- When your favourite song is playing in the gym, the instructor will turn down the volume just then and only turn it back up for you to hear the last line.
- When you are most horribly dressed you will meet the person you just don't want to.
- On your worst mood day, the most number of people (you have not spoken to in what seems like centuries) will call or message cause they "just felt like talking to you." You will end up talking. And your mood will turn around. (Maybe.)
- Your dad is outta town. It's race day. Your hero is on pole position. You have the T.V all to yourself. Star sports will instead air a cricket/football match and you will yet again have to settle for live timings. To add fuel to the fire, he will win the race. He will be on the podium. And he will look damn cute on it.
- When you are so sure that things will go wrong, they never do. But when you least expect, you do get that slap in the face.
- When everything is going horribly wrong and you are losing hope... You find a tiny spark that revives your hope and leaves you 'hoping' again. (Damn hope)
- When you try very hard to keep a secret it usually somehow finds it's way to the person who should never find out. Ironically you had nothing to do with the secret leakage.

All the above have been coined from personal experience or from the experience of significant others. The true stories will all be divulged for 100 rupees per story.
P.S Do add any that you have experienced and was an irony in itself. :)