Friday, March 20, 2009

Sports and me

As I walk by the tennis court I realise how much I miss playing. As I sit by the pool and watch my sis swim I realise how fond of sports I am. It’s not just a game. Well not to me.

From when I was little I have always been exposed to playing. Guess it runs in my blood, thanks to daddy dearest. It refreshes and relieves you at the same time. It’s actually addictive. It wasn’t ever just a sport for me. It went on to shape and define me. I really do feel strongly about this. But I guess I'm just talking about sports fans(all kinds of them.. the ones that play, the ones that HAVE to watch and the ones that love watching).

Now if you take cricket for instance (it comes first to my mind thanks to the nearing IPL). I for one enjoy ODIs and Tests better. Weird but true. I just feel it shows the charm of the sportsman’s game. You know like his ability to bring stability to the team, his quality batting to gather runs and his style on the field. Where as T20 is a more commercial form of cricket. It has its own charm. Just not the one I like or am looking for in a game.

I have played quite a few sports at some time or the other in my life. Somehow they all give me very different feelings. On the volleyball court I feel a sense of belonging. On the baseball field I have a strong rush to perform. Where as on the basketball court I just feel out of place and lost.

I think the game you choose to play, follow or watch occasionally has something to do with your personality. The two major games in my life (volleyball and baseball) have played some roles in shaping me. I know not everyone reading this will agree with me. But trust me, the ones who fall under the category of sports lovers will totally agree.

I miss playing because it wasn’t ever just about the game. It is a very special bond. It gives me the urge to perform, it pushes me to bring out the best, it gives me company, it picks me up when I’m down and most importantly it brings me joy. Call me crazy but it has become a vital part of my sanity. I can give it up from time to time but I always find a way to get back to it. Guess its something I can't live without.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My bucket list!!!

Finally my bucket list!!! :D

1. I wanna play volleyball professionally(read indian player :D) and enjoy every minute of the matches.
2. I wanna step onto an actual baseball field and feel the rush.
3. I wanna someday write for the leading sports magazine in the world.
4. I wanna write a book, get published and sold out before Im 45.
5. I wanna help my sisters buy my parents their retirement home.
6. I wanna own a house that people might mistake for a zoo (lots of animals and lots of space :D)
7. I wanna learn how to play an instrument fully. (violin/ guitar hopefully)
8. I want to dance in front of a huge audience and enjoy the feeling
9. I want to be an amazing cook. So i can make myself delicious stuff for all my cravings! :D
10. I wanna see India for places shes not known for and write about them.
11. I wanna live away in a foreign land for a while, without a job, alone! :P
12. I want to do all in my power to help animals (especially the endangered ones... I've got your back Aishu :D)
13. I wanna walk into a store and buy anything i really like without looking at the price tag or thinking twice! :)
14. I wanna go on a road trip.
15. I wanna own a house in a far off land! :P
16. I wanna make it through the best college in the country (first) ! :)
17. I want a part time job of making personalised presents for peoples birthdays! (I LOVE DOING THIS :D)
18. I want to make a chick flick because i know how to and i love it! :P
19. I want to take a day OFF and go mountain climbing, bunjee jumping and do the wild things i normally will never do! :)
20. I wanna be part of a theatre production and be the star/villain of the show.

this is just the beginning... when i find some more! il add!!! :D
i put this picture up because its my last memory of me performing in a play! Yet again male and villian!!! :P