Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dance your way!

You always hear about diets to keep you fit, gym routines, jogging, cycling, skipping and what not. The first time I heard dancing to keep you fit I was shaken by it. Imagine you stay fit, lose some of that extra weight on the tummy that you simply hate and actually have fun doing it. Every woman's dream come true sounds like to me! So why not?
Dancing is probably the only way one losses weight without actually realising it. There you are just shaking a leg with a couple of friends, having fun and sweating it out. Little do you think all that dancing, jumping and those body movements pick up your body's energy levels, the circulation and even tone your bones and muscles. I guess you were too busy enjoying yourself to have that kind of a thought process.
But all this isn't crazy talk. It is a fact that professional dancers stay fit and lose half of their calories by doing what they love the most - dancing! Very minimal extra work out is needed for them as dancing does most of the toning. They aren’t even on one of those starve yourself diets. They prefer dancing all the weight off which ironically works in their favour. I have always wondered what is the secret behind those athletic figures was. I guess dancing is their secret medicine.
Come to think of it dancing isn't even half as expensive as a gym club. All you need is some upbeat music, good speakers, a fairly large dance floor and you are ready to go. Of course you will probably need to stretch those muscles a little before you start that energetic "work out". But doesn’t it seem like dancing has taken all the effort out of the work out. It is less stressing out and most definitely easier to stay committed to. After all how difficult is it to commit to having some fun?

Also if you are too lazy to wake up early then a morning run doesn’t make it any easier. On the other hand I can easily imagine myself getting up to dance than getting up to run.

When you weigh dancing against a strict gym schedule which includes an almost nothing meal this is the undoubtedly the better option also a more appealing one. What probably is the best part about it is you can ask all your friends to join in, have a little food on the side (not too much or it will be more going in than out!) and there’s not only a party but a perfectly organised weight loss regime!
If suppose gyms, aerobic classes, yoga classes are all too public for you and you feel too conscious, then dancing at home is the perfect plan! You can dance in your own living room and stay happy and fit.
So if you are one of those who wants to enjoy losing weight, it seems like dancing is the right option for you. Put on your dancing shoes and watch everything just fall into place.