Sunday, November 15, 2009

Laws? :p maybe...

SO it was a regular day at work. Janette and me were busy trying to figure out a campaign for our new clients. Failing to do so we reported to boss. He liked our tiny ideas but wanted us to attempt to weave it together in order to have more impact. During the course of discussion we came across famous Murphy 's laws. For those who haven't heard of him or his laws, he is the 'dude' who said "If anything can go wrong... it will."
Now this got me thinking. Often we bump into these laws in our everyday lives. So, I put together a bunch of laws that I could think of.
Here goes:

- When you fall on your face in a public place, the most number of people possible will be present to witness it.
- When you have very little time to spend with a friend you will get a flat tire.
- When you are already running late, you WILL get stuck in a horrible traffic jam.
- When you have the biggest craving for delicious food, you will be most broke.
- When you feel like feasting on a mouth watering chocolate donut, you will not have the bike to go buy the best one in town, you will settle for one near by and you will hate it.
- When your favourite song is playing in the gym, the instructor will turn down the volume just then and only turn it back up for you to hear the last line.
- When you are most horribly dressed you will meet the person you just don't want to.
- On your worst mood day, the most number of people (you have not spoken to in what seems like centuries) will call or message cause they "just felt like talking to you." You will end up talking. And your mood will turn around. (Maybe.)
- Your dad is outta town. It's race day. Your hero is on pole position. You have the T.V all to yourself. Star sports will instead air a cricket/football match and you will yet again have to settle for live timings. To add fuel to the fire, he will win the race. He will be on the podium. And he will look damn cute on it.
- When you are so sure that things will go wrong, they never do. But when you least expect, you do get that slap in the face.
- When everything is going horribly wrong and you are losing hope... You find a tiny spark that revives your hope and leaves you 'hoping' again. (Damn hope)
- When you try very hard to keep a secret it usually somehow finds it's way to the person who should never find out. Ironically you had nothing to do with the secret leakage.

All the above have been coined from personal experience or from the experience of significant others. The true stories will all be divulged for 100 rupees per story.
P.S Do add any that you have experienced and was an irony in itself. :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Some relationships in life are like Wine...

This post is a long overdue dedication,to the two most important pieces of my heart.

When I look back in life, most of my memories involve them. Happy ones, naughty ones, sad ones, puffy eyed ones and on top of cloud nine ones. They have always been there. As friends, confidants, advisers, superheroes and obviously sisters!! I have grown up around them and so many people find us to be very similar. Maybe in some ways we are. In most not so. But that really has not changed much in our lives. We are who we are. Together we are plain blissful. And that is far from an exaggeration.
Unlike any other relationship I have seen,this one has this underlying force that only deepens with time. Distance,Storms, Sadness, Love and Bliss only seem to make it stronger and more tight.
Its one of those exceptional relationships that is true and pure.
One of those that is legendary and archaic.
One of those that is compassionate and inspiring.
One of those that go down in the history of the best relationships you have.
This relationship of mine is one that cannot be named, defined or explained. Since its birth it has only matured.
It is indeed like wine. It only gets better and more pleasurable with time.
There are some moments when you look back in life and wonder what would have happened if you had not met some people. Having met them, lived with them, shared bits of my soul with them... I cannot imagine what I would have done or where I would be if not for them. Too cliche? Well, Let me indulge. Cause I have tried for a long time now to explain how I feel. I continue to find it impossible.
They are my women in shining armours. :)
They are the queens of my heart. :)
They are my soul sisters. :)
Cheers to two of the most wonderful human beings. Cheers to our unconditional and everlasting love. Cheers to you! :)

with all my love,
Min! :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Fifteen to twenty people in a classroom busily writing an exam. Well most of them. A squad member walks in. Pretends to see if anyone is copying and almost robotically(if thats a word) moves towards the last bench. Picks up A's question paper and says "Whats this?" A says "Just some stuff on my mind." Squad member "next time I'l throw you out!!". A mumbles.
Squad member gets back to pretend checking. A gets back to writing. Now with a frown on the face. Squad member walks upto B and smiles broadly. B grins back. Squad member smiles at C and C is too happy to be acknowledged. Squad member walks upto to the door. Throws a second glance at A. Notices A has returned to writing and leaves.
Who am i? Onlooker D. What did onlooker D see in all of this?? A had innocently scribbled stuff FAR from the examination paper on the question paper. B and C had chit booklets in their pockets which they used to copy when their very friendly squad member left.

What was D left feeling? That D had just witnessed what very often happens in the world outside as well.

You smile at the devil and suspect the innocent one.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sunday morning adventure!

Sunday mornings are usually really late mornings for me. But not this Sunday. With half open eyes as I groped around for my phone to check the time (which is my daily morning ritual). I realised it was too early to be up. 4:20 A.M means its still dark outside. I put my phone away and tried my very best to drift back to sleep. I don't know if it was the heat or just me. But sleep was the last thing on my mind. I finally gave up the thought of sleeping and decided to read a book. I dug around my bed for that book I have been trying to read. I always seemed to fall asleep when I want to read it. "The original plans as outlined by her husband Richard over many a happy bottle of wine...." *zzzzzzz*
Run, run run......*pant pant*. Why am I running? More important question where am I? I looked ahead, then to my left, my right and finally from where I had come, none of it was familiar. Trees, grass and some buildings in the distance ahead was all I could see. The heat was scorchingly painful and I was inappropriately dressed to face this heat. Denims and a tee? Who am I kidding? I wish I was in shorts. I looked around for a place to rest. Suddenly my mind wandered back to why I was running in the first place. Nothing that could have scared me to dash that way was anywhere in sight. Philosophy hits me because I see no other reason. I begin to quicken my steps and finally reached the cluster of buildings. It was a housing locality. I landed on the nearest bench and returned to my thoughts. I wondered if I should sift through the raging philosophies in my head. I finally gave in to them.
Running isn’t such a bad thing. Or is it? Running towards fulfillment of your dreams sounds inspiring. Running away from harsh reality does not sound so good. Which one of the two was I doing?
*Shake shake* “Time to walk the dog!!!” screams my sis. I wake up with half open eyes and waddle into the bathroom to take care of all my morning businesses.
As memories of my dream return I realise that reality you can run away from but sometime it does return to slap you in the face. Too philosophical? It might be. But it’s a thought. Why not we stop thinking of all the things we would like to do? We can and want to do? And just wake up and DO IT!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sports and me

As I walk by the tennis court I realise how much I miss playing. As I sit by the pool and watch my sis swim I realise how fond of sports I am. It’s not just a game. Well not to me.

From when I was little I have always been exposed to playing. Guess it runs in my blood, thanks to daddy dearest. It refreshes and relieves you at the same time. It’s actually addictive. It wasn’t ever just a sport for me. It went on to shape and define me. I really do feel strongly about this. But I guess I'm just talking about sports fans(all kinds of them.. the ones that play, the ones that HAVE to watch and the ones that love watching).

Now if you take cricket for instance (it comes first to my mind thanks to the nearing IPL). I for one enjoy ODIs and Tests better. Weird but true. I just feel it shows the charm of the sportsman’s game. You know like his ability to bring stability to the team, his quality batting to gather runs and his style on the field. Where as T20 is a more commercial form of cricket. It has its own charm. Just not the one I like or am looking for in a game.

I have played quite a few sports at some time or the other in my life. Somehow they all give me very different feelings. On the volleyball court I feel a sense of belonging. On the baseball field I have a strong rush to perform. Where as on the basketball court I just feel out of place and lost.

I think the game you choose to play, follow or watch occasionally has something to do with your personality. The two major games in my life (volleyball and baseball) have played some roles in shaping me. I know not everyone reading this will agree with me. But trust me, the ones who fall under the category of sports lovers will totally agree.

I miss playing because it wasn’t ever just about the game. It is a very special bond. It gives me the urge to perform, it pushes me to bring out the best, it gives me company, it picks me up when I’m down and most importantly it brings me joy. Call me crazy but it has become a vital part of my sanity. I can give it up from time to time but I always find a way to get back to it. Guess its something I can't live without.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My bucket list!!!

Finally my bucket list!!! :D

1. I wanna play volleyball professionally(read indian player :D) and enjoy every minute of the matches.
2. I wanna step onto an actual baseball field and feel the rush.
3. I wanna someday write for the leading sports magazine in the world.
4. I wanna write a book, get published and sold out before Im 45.
5. I wanna help my sisters buy my parents their retirement home.
6. I wanna own a house that people might mistake for a zoo (lots of animals and lots of space :D)
7. I wanna learn how to play an instrument fully. (violin/ guitar hopefully)
8. I want to dance in front of a huge audience and enjoy the feeling
9. I want to be an amazing cook. So i can make myself delicious stuff for all my cravings! :D
10. I wanna see India for places shes not known for and write about them.
11. I wanna live away in a foreign land for a while, without a job, alone! :P
12. I want to do all in my power to help animals (especially the endangered ones... I've got your back Aishu :D)
13. I wanna walk into a store and buy anything i really like without looking at the price tag or thinking twice! :)
14. I wanna go on a road trip.
15. I wanna own a house in a far off land! :P
16. I wanna make it through the best college in the country (first) ! :)
17. I want a part time job of making personalised presents for peoples birthdays! (I LOVE DOING THIS :D)
18. I want to make a chick flick because i know how to and i love it! :P
19. I want to take a day OFF and go mountain climbing, bunjee jumping and do the wild things i normally will never do! :)
20. I wanna be part of a theatre production and be the star/villain of the show.

this is just the beginning... when i find some more! il add!!! :D
i put this picture up because its my last memory of me performing in a play! Yet again male and villian!!! :P

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dance your way!

You always hear about diets to keep you fit, gym routines, jogging, cycling, skipping and what not. The first time I heard dancing to keep you fit I was shaken by it. Imagine you stay fit, lose some of that extra weight on the tummy that you simply hate and actually have fun doing it. Every woman's dream come true sounds like to me! So why not?
Dancing is probably the only way one losses weight without actually realising it. There you are just shaking a leg with a couple of friends, having fun and sweating it out. Little do you think all that dancing, jumping and those body movements pick up your body's energy levels, the circulation and even tone your bones and muscles. I guess you were too busy enjoying yourself to have that kind of a thought process.
But all this isn't crazy talk. It is a fact that professional dancers stay fit and lose half of their calories by doing what they love the most - dancing! Very minimal extra work out is needed for them as dancing does most of the toning. They aren’t even on one of those starve yourself diets. They prefer dancing all the weight off which ironically works in their favour. I have always wondered what is the secret behind those athletic figures was. I guess dancing is their secret medicine.
Come to think of it dancing isn't even half as expensive as a gym club. All you need is some upbeat music, good speakers, a fairly large dance floor and you are ready to go. Of course you will probably need to stretch those muscles a little before you start that energetic "work out". But doesn’t it seem like dancing has taken all the effort out of the work out. It is less stressing out and most definitely easier to stay committed to. After all how difficult is it to commit to having some fun?

Also if you are too lazy to wake up early then a morning run doesn’t make it any easier. On the other hand I can easily imagine myself getting up to dance than getting up to run.

When you weigh dancing against a strict gym schedule which includes an almost nothing meal this is the undoubtedly the better option also a more appealing one. What probably is the best part about it is you can ask all your friends to join in, have a little food on the side (not too much or it will be more going in than out!) and there’s not only a party but a perfectly organised weight loss regime!
If suppose gyms, aerobic classes, yoga classes are all too public for you and you feel too conscious, then dancing at home is the perfect plan! You can dance in your own living room and stay happy and fit.
So if you are one of those who wants to enjoy losing weight, it seems like dancing is the right option for you. Put on your dancing shoes and watch everything just fall into place.