Monday, September 29, 2008


You have always made things easy for me,
but this time even you couldn't rescue me,
Being strong was never my cup of tea,
Being weak came easier to me.

The sounds of the train make me cry,
the red turns green and i have to say bye,
I know you will be back to make me smile,
but I'm too torn at the thought of goodbye.

It's been a year of being away,
I'm as weak as I was on the first day,
each time i watch that train leave,
my heart flips and I go all weak.

You hold my hand and hug me tight,
you say ul be back before i can blink twice,
these words are now a part of me,
they keep me company when I'm lonely.

I know you'd never leave if you had a choice,
but life's never been that easy a ride,
i know soon you'll be by my side,
it's the only thing that makes this pain worthwhile.